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Our Story

Balanced Growth is our Moto!

NAB Investment Group is an investment management firm based in Delaware, USA.

The company was founded as a private firm in 2020 by Nader Abdel Bassit and partners. The company acts as the Holding Company for a group of chained restaurants operating in Egypt. A healthy investment portfolio of a home grown brand and a global mega franchise, the company aims to offer its shareholders solid returns in terms of sustainable and growing dividends in addition to exit options. We are fully aware that to achieve that, we have to stick to a daily discipline of enjoying to delight our consumers and employees alike while growing our shareholders’ investment value and yield.
Unlike most of our rivals, we are in this journey for the long term. We believe that every one of us does not own a NAB share for oneself only,  but for the next generations to come.


Holding in Delaware, USA

Operations in Cairo, Egypt


Nader Abdel Bassit


Restaurant management, Franchise managment and investments in F&B

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